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acknowledged they are holding new man. experts say that might indicate they don't know what to do with him. newman had been with a tour group out of china a. he did have all the paperwork. he lives at palo alto at an assisted living complex. residents are very concerned about what's happening with their friend and neighbor. >> reporter: he lives here at the channing house in palo alto. many here at retirement facility did not want to talk about the vet, one person didn't want to speak about the person he is. but he is very much missed right now. >> wonderful guy. i haven't seen him because he's been at channing house. he's always concerned for other people, very active in church work, did a lot with youth, and that's what i can tell you. >> another person who was visiting channing house was certainly being talked about. >> they talked about it a little bit unfortunately just been i got there the residents -- whatever. it's to know concerned about, that's for sure. >> police are investigating a string of seven armed robberies last night in vallejo. officers believe they are all connected. h
on thanksgiving. >> the people who don't shop on black friday shopping boutiques. >> reporter: down the street come the store is stocking up on christmas items. while the bigger competition might be open the owner says she would never make her employees work on thanksgiving. >> taking them away from their families would go against all of my á8w$values as a business own >> reporter: some owners tell me they are looking forward to small-business saturday. a day when they can offer some discounts. in san francisco i him justine waldman, "kron4". >>> the white house says a healthcare website issue is keeping small businesses from enrolling. it is another delay, days ahead of a deadline to fix the software. >> reporter: with just top five days to go before the deadline another delay. the obama administration says that the healthcare site will not be able to enroll small businesses for another year. >> will be website be functional during november? >> we will institute the shop component at nñthe end of november. >> reporter: republicans are quick to pounce on this problem. once again the presiden
it is. we don't know. we have to evaluate all options. >> reporter: the rejected agreement was what ended a long bitter dispute between the unions and management which included a couple of strikes as for the possibility of a third strike and walkout if the current deal cannot be salvaged, many speculate it's a real possibility. meantime, bart trains are rolling once again after a computer problem forced bart to stop service in the early morning hours. the problem that put the brakes on bart service and how it left scores of commuters stranded >> good news for commuters, bart trains are back up and running after computer technicians managed to fix the computer glitch and bart slowly resumed services. bart said the problems all started after midnight when a computer system in central control stopped communicating with track switches so they had to crank the switches manually. a team worked to solve the problem, but for many commuters. the damage is done. many people were late to work this morning and vented to me while trying to find other options. >> i under stand it may be out of th
and don't need food prep. support people have been stopping by all day but they need flashlights batteries an first aid kits. >> they have no power, food or water so we are thinking this is our life saving emergency things that we can do. >> my family is from the philippines so i've seen that i got to go help. >> other items that they are desperately looking for include baby food and cash dongs. organizers here want to send up at least 720 pounds of goods first thing on tuesday morning. that's why tea are staying open until midnight tonight. there's a big pile of food with cans, pasta, cleaner, socks. other items they are looking for. they are trying to get these off first thing tomorrow morning. the address is 175, 7th street in. i'll be back with another live report. >> remember to stay for the very latest on the typhoon relief effort. if you would like to help you can find out how on your web site. >>> new tonight at 5 safety drills are taking place this week inside the new tunnel. officials say over the next several days drivers along highway 24 may notice emergency response moving in
? >>" well first of all i don't have a phonesmoke was getting so much" >> reporter:as he looks upon what is left of his burned vehicle he talks about how thankful he is that he wasn't injured >>"yeah, i am especially thankful for this guy, he was great" >> reporter:if anybody out there knows how to get in touch with the guy the good samaratin who helped george orbantell him kron4 would love to talk himhe can contact us by sending a message to m. >> reporter:haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: here's a map heading into the caldecott tunnel. this is the oakland side. the fire happened in the right=most bore. again headed eastbound. the car caught fire about 3- quarters of the way through. >> reporter:kron4's mike pelton talked to a man who was in the tunnel when it happened. and recorded it all. >> reporter:i was telling people we need to start moving.i was concerned >> reporter:captured all on his cell phone, kevin watkins recounts the nerve- racking moments, escaping a dimly-lit, smoke-filled caldecott tunnel - caused by a car fire (c
they will be selling google glass. so they are in the gadget game. but they don't have retail stores >> reporter:their main competitor apple has stores. that are famous around the world they look cool and its a place you can play with -- and learn about, all the apple gadgets google needs something like this. they need retail space. >> reporter: well here's the official statement by google to be a show=room of sorts new information tonight. >> pam: on the body of a patient found in the stairwell at san francisco general hospital. today, sheriff ross mirkarimi came out for the first time. to release the preliminary findings of the investigation. and they show part of what went wrong. in the effort to find lynne spalding. >> pam: kron 4's justine waldman was at that press conference today. she joins us now live >> reporter:the sheriff revealed major breakdowns in communications, problems with security cameras and admitted that incomplete searches were done. while lynne spalding was missing. >> reporter:we learned today that 57-year old spalding was about to be discharged. the day the sheriff said
in the crosswalk, right? >> i don't follow. >> you don't follow? >> i don't. >> don't follow the rules, you mean? >> in the next edition of people behaving badly, tonight at 8:00. >> then, the return of 4. a look thor. a look at the box office this holiday weekend. >> time for the annual toy drive. i'm janelle marie, here with geena davis of sleep train. tell us about the secret santa toy drive. >> it's for foster kids in the bay area. all of the drive items stay local, going to foster kids in this area that need assistance. >> tell us what kind of toys are you looking for? >> everything, infants to teens, boys, girls. anything that your kids might like or your nephews might like, that's what we're looking for. >> do we bring them in wrapped? >> no, don't wrap them, so we can match them with the appropriate foster child this is an awesome way for the community to get involved. you can be an individual donor, or a church group, soccer group, office wants to hold a drive. gather up the items, give it to us and we'll get it to the kids who need them. >> and why do these foster parents need this? >>
for food. most don't stop. some authorities figure they reached less than half the areas affected. they're afraid that people alive today, won't last much longer. when a truck does stop for these children, it's surrounded by little faces and hands, and there's not much to pass out. this is the first video of the beautiful fishing town, and the first point of contact when the typhoon made contact. the mayor said they still need everything from food and water to temporary shelter. >> the rains are coming. >> you can see the children, and the babies that need shelters. >> hospitals are swamped. there's been no electricity since the storm. and some, the wait was too long, this man died last night, the body at a back of the hallway on a gurney because there's no place else to put it. occasionally, there's a happy story, this woman was reunited with her son after a week. >> it's okay. >> the official death toll stands at either about 2,300 or 4,500. more relief supplies are unloaded again. among the companies helping, apple is collecting dongss through the -- donations through the i-tune stor
: but at that time, and still hours later, the dallas zoo still has no idea how this happened. "we really don't." >> catherine: lynn kramer is the vice president of animal operations and says the three animals involved were born in captivity, and have been together in dallas every day for the last three years. "we've had, you know a few incidents of rough play, but nothing out of the ordinary." >> catherine: even in the wild, lions in prides rarely, if ever, turn on each other. so why would he go after another in a zoo? "i've been in the zoo business over 35 years. i've worked in five major zoos, and i've never seen a cat kill another cat before." >> catherine: zoo staff say we may never know why. but the families who witnessed this big cat's violent end will still wonder. >> catherine: the lion involved was not tranquilized -- simply moved from the enclosure. and for now -- the male lions will no longer be in the exhibit with any females. >> pam: coming up. >> pam: was this famous actress murdered? the new report which disputes how brittany murphy died. then -- new video. showing the final m
. >> it and comment as o'connell out of control you want a president to be more much in control. >> don't miss this is you have to see how our old rob black really gets into halloween spirit for it this wall street update. >> will take a look at the full forecast we come back from the brake on kron 4 news. >> u-verse was made for me. yeah, it's perfect for us tv fans. they made this for me. oh, and you've worked out a theory. this is exciting. what's the evidence? alright, evidence... u-verse has over 185 hd channels. i love hd. everybody loves hd. [ male announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. and you can upgrade and get access to over 185 hd channels and more hd dvr capacity than cable. i also hate to delete episodes of my favorite shows. and? and u-verse has more dvr storage than cable. you think this is all coincidence? i think you need a new coffee table. you're probably right. [ male announcer ] call now to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. and ask about adding the wireless receiv
credibility." >>"even if she proves to the judge that they did have a relationship i don't know that that helps her." cnn obtained these emails sabourin sent to baldwin - presented as evidence in the proceedings. >>"i am less than 10 minutes away from you tonight. say 'i do' to me." one email says. >> reporter:in another she writes "i want to be your wife now. say yes!" >>"i am not a stalker." >> reporter:now that the baldwins have taken the stand, it's sabourin's turn. >> reporter:pamela: "what are you going to say tomorrow when you testify?" >>sabourin: "the truth. i always say the truth." >> pam: sabourin was offered a plea deal, but she refused. the d-a's office says two more witnesses will also be testifying along with sabourin today. after that a judge will hand down a verdict at some point in the near future. if sabourin is found guilty [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natur
, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. >> catherine: six months after she was freed from the arial castro's home in cleveland. michelle knight is talking about those 11 years in an exclusive interview with dr. phil mcgraw. you can see the whole interview tomorrow. right here on kron-4 at 4-pm. but here is a clip -- she describes a moment when castro trapped her in a room and tied her up. >>dp: so he gets you in this room, what did he tie you up with? >>m: uh-- one of those orange extension cords. >>dp: and he tied you where your hands were up high? m: i was tied up like a fish, an ornament on the wall. that's the only way i can describe it. >> dp: so. >> m: i was like this far from the floor hanging like this, my feet and i was tied b
-degree burns. now - police have taken a 16-year-old boy into custody. >> catherine: they don't believe he knew the victim, and describe this as a random attack. highway 12 in fairfield is >> catherine: still closed right now. after police shot a knife wielding suspect. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> catherine: police say they were first called to a nearby apartment where a woman was injured reportedly by the same male suspect. >> catherine: police say when they chased him. he ran onto the highway and attempted to attack officers with a knife. that's when one officer shot him. the suspect was taken the hospital. police expect to have the highway reopened shortly. >> catherine: new tonight. >> catherine: 49ers linebacker aldon smith is speaking publicly for the first time. since being re-activated by the team. he's facing criminal charges in two cases filed by the santa clara county d-a.. >> catherine: he's accused of having illegal assault weapons - and is also facing d-u-i charges. our executive sports producer jason appelbaum is here. what's he
don't yet know the motive, or if this was a gang-related or retaliation shooting. a rash of car burglaries. >> pam: and a warning tonight from police in mountain view. at least 30 vehicles broken into. in the past 14 days. it is happening across town, but police say, hot spots include the costco- petco shopping complex on rengstorf avenue. and the parking lots at the century sixteen theater complex on shoreline boulevard. in almost every case, the thieves are targeting vehicles where gift -wrapped packages, electronics and other valuables were left inside the vehicle in plain view. >> a lot of people are visiting and shopping. parking lots are filled like this where it gives people the opportunity to steal items from vehicles. we all know that people are caring and little more cash on them as they are looking for deals and awaiting black friday. >> pam: police say, they are working some leads but would not say, if the burglaries are the work of a particular crew, nor have they found a pattern to the crimes, other than opportunities presented by the holiday shopping season. >> p
week i don't think we could survive just lucky to be here. >> catherine: the ship will continue to sell back and forth making the slow 24 hour journey. until everyone want to leave and get out of the devastated city. it is not just the lack of food and water there are serious safety problems. meantime row upon row of bodies are lined up at the makeshift morgues waiting for family members to identify them is a heartbreaking job and there is the overpowers molly bloom and disease. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. >> pam: the dow gained and the nasdaq closed above 13 points to close. at almost 3986 and the s p roles >> pam: customer complaint sparked
:it's a painful scene to watch-- >>"the video speaks for itself, but i don't remember it happening when it happened." >> reporter:unsuspecting 50- year-old teacher-- james addlespurger-- walks toward a group of boys. then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of the boys violently knocks him to the ground. >> reporter:his limp body lies on the concrete as the group walks away. >>"i was shocked, i was shocked at the whole narrative of it. boom came the punch, and down i went, straight down with my face falling and hitting the cold concrete." >> reporter:this attack happened in 2012 in pittsburgh. but the so-called "knockout" or "one hit quitter" game apparently has spread elsewhere. >> reporter:videos of attacks posted online. >> reporter:missouri, minnesota, illinois, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey and washington d.c. -- just some of the places victims have reported being punched on the streets for no reason. >> reporter:in a few of the cases, the victims died. flowers mark the spot where a homeless man in new jersey was beaten to death in september-- allegedly by these teenagers. >> repor
balloons don't mix well with extreme wind. they won't be able to lift off if sustained winds exceed 23 miles an hour.and gusts top 34 miles an hour. >> catherine: meantime.some people were packing into train stations.figuring their odds might be better with trains.versus planes. >> catherine: and for the millions of drivers who will be on the road. >> catherine: many are facing snow and icy roads. including here in southwest virginia. buffalo new york. >> catherine: north carolina. and this was the scene in michigan.where slogging along snowy highways is almost a holiday tradition. >> catherine: more than 43 million people are expected to travel this weekend.about 39 million of them will be on the roads. as for air travel - most of today's flight delays were in newark, philadelphia and new york. >> pam: in the bay area. the skies are clear and planes are moving on schedule kron 4's dan kerman is live at san francisco international where holiday travellers are relieved that their plans are not hitting many roadblocks. >> reporter: shane the crowds are not too bad. walking over to the bo
than five stars are misleading the public. companies that don't follow the guidelines could see "buyer alert" warnings from the government or be kicked out of the ratings program. this comes a day after the >> pam: company's c-e-o elon musk defended the tesla model s. three of the car model's have caught fire over the past several weeks. in reponse musk said "since mid last year there have been over 4-hundred deaths and 12-hundred serious injuries in the united states alone. due to gasoline car fires, compared to zero deaths and zero injuries due to tesla fires anywhere in the world" new allegations reveal that suspended miami dolphins guard richie incognito may have bullied other members of his team. not just jonathon martin. e-s-p-n is reporting that incognito and at least one other dolphins player mocked the ethnic background of a team staff member. >> reporter: according to the report, incognito would allegedly dress in garb from the staff member's culture and make profane jokes. the staff member also said they made crude jokes about the man's wife. >> reporter:both the n-f-l and
, in the town of ghee=ahn'. >> "i don't know where to start. if you will take a look about our municipality, it was totally hit, total damage - 100% damaged." >> of the roughly 50- thousand people in this town almost everyone is homeless, thirsty and hungry. >> "there's a shortage of food, tents, everything, everything is gone. so we need help." >> in all, more than 17=hundred bodies have been recovered. this woman saved her son, but lost her husband, >> "all i hear many people cry. many people crying. many people say 'help help.'" >> through his tears, one man tries to get word to his family that his daughter is dead. "please forgive me," he says, "i couldn't save her." >> survivors in the port city of tah=kloban cover their noses. the are is full of evidence that the toll will go higher. >> "we can now only search more.with some smell, with the smell, because a lot of bodies were mixed up with all the rubble and all the debris." >> the peninsula- based charity 'project pearl'. is also organizing an aid drive for the victims of typhoon haiyan. * * * donations of new unopened, non- perishab
. >> "i had no clue. i had the camera up because i saw -- before they -- i don't know how they were wrapped or whatever. there was just a big group of people standing around. so i was just holding the camera up going this is kind of crazy. i kind of started to take the camera down when i heard everything going crazy. so i turned it back and just happened to catch this." >> a pretty big scuffle broke out at an unamed walmart. the video was posted to youtube today. take a look. >> it appears some pushing and shoving broke out over the disocunted t-v's. all of this ended with police taking a woman down -- and cuffing her. no word if anyone was hurt. >> and the violence not just at walmart. black friday bargain hunters witnessed a violent confrontation between police and suspected shoplifters near chicago. it happened outside a kohl's store in romeoville. officers say they chased two accused shoplifters as they tried to leave the store by climbing in a pontiac with a get-away driver waiting inside. >> "the cop had got over there -- as he attempted to slam the -- the door, the cop's arm
phones it was just too many to mention. or people reading while driving. because clearly some people don't need to be in patrick at the bay bridge toll plaza stilling robert kron4 and newsprint >> reporter: you may remember her from the today show. but teddy creek is here today, bob tomorrow from network tv pure it we will show you where she is ending up. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. frozen, natural, fresh. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a fresh safeway select turkey is just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with math... [ beeping ] ...and online gaming. and suze loves her smartphone for "social" studies... like video-chatting with sara. hi, ms. kelly. hi, sara. [ male announcer ]
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